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Modifying Text Layout

Choosing an Editor

For creating Wiki pages there are two main editors in Xwiki; the WYSIWYG editor and the WIKI or Text editor. The WYSIWYG editor can be loosely compared to the Wiki editor in Microsoft's Sharepoint Wiki portal, as it is more like a standard text editor that you may use in an office package such as Sun OpenOffice or Sun StarOffice.

The WIKI or Text editor on the other hand allows one to encode the text straight away using various languages such as CSS, HTML and even easily embed Velocity scripting. It is a very powerful and highly advanced editor which can be used to great effect if used it's maximum potential.

Centrally Aligning Text

Use the style parameter with text-align: sub-parameter to gain control over text alignment. Alignment possibilities are either: inherit, left, center, right, justify, or string


(% style="text-align: right;" %)