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Building from Ports

Test-BSD# cd /usr/ports/*/nano
Test-BSD# make install clean

Upgrading the Ports Collection

Method 1

Create a sup file called ports somewhere in the directory tree:

*default base=/usr
*default prefix=/usr
*default release=cvs tag=.
*default delete use-rel-suffix compress

Run the csup command:

csup -L 2 ports && portsdb -uF && pkgdb -u && portversion

Then use the portupgrade tool in order to update the specified port(s) or use the -a flag to upgrade all:

portupgrade -a

Method 2

Use the portsnap tool to fetch the ports tree:

# portsnap fetch

# portsnap extract

# portsnap update

This command can also be shorted into one line:

#portsnap fetch; portsnap extract; portsnap update

Mounting Ports in Jails